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7 reasons your business needs an online reviews strategy

Online reviews are now a big part of how consumers choose a business.  86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses (95% for people aged 18-34). Without reviews your business is either not going to be found or not considered. Chances are you will receive reviews online, and not all of them will be fair or even accurate.  However, you need to embrace them and have an online reviews strategy that turns reviews to your advantage and puts you in control. Love them or hate them, you need to take online reviews seriously as they can make a major difference to your bottom line.  You have the power to make that a positive effect and to put a strategy in place to ensure your business has the best online review profile possible. If you don't you are just building your competitors businesses. Why are online reviews critical to your business? 1. People expect to see reviews People want to read reviews of your business before they choose you.  They expect a good business to have them. If they cannot find reviews for…
Paul Gordon
January 14, 2020

myPresences Agent

Building citations for your business is one of the best strategies to get your business found online when people search for local businesses, combine this with a consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) and you are on the way to that coveted first 3 spots in the Google Local Pack on the front page of google. Building citations is a slow and methodical process. There is a lot that needs to be done around managing your accounts on various services before you even begin.  This can discourage a lot of business owners and agents and results in most businesses not building a strong citation base or consistent NAP. The other option is to use a service that will automatically update your information online or services that provide manual citation building for you.  The problem with these services is you don't always get the best results or the results you expect. There are a number of advantages to taking control of this process yourself such as: You can make sure the information posted to a service is exactly what you expect.…
Paul Gordon
December 11, 2019

Keeping your social media channels active

Does your business have a lot of social media channels?.  Are you posting to them regularly?  It is a good idea to take advantage of these channels to keep your customers up to date with your business and attract new followers. It can be hard to remember to post to all your channels, to make life a little easier for you we have a new widget to help you monitor and manage the Post Age for each of your social media accounts.  The Post Age is simply the number of days since you have posted to each service (if you have more than one account on a service this will show the age of the most recent post). This shows you at a glance which accounts you have not posted to for some time and whether you are above or below your average posting cadence. If your last post was below or equal to your usual cadence then it will be shown as green otherwise it will be red.   On the left side we display: the average posting cadence…
Paul Gordon
December 8, 2019
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Get more Sales with a better Presence and Reputation Online

When you are looking at ways to increase sales don't overlook the value of your business's Online Presence and Online Reputation and the potential for improvement as a way to drive sales. Your Online Presence refers to your business overall footprint online and includes things like social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), directory sites (Yelp, Tripadvisor, Yellow Pages) and even apps and a lot more. These are places where consumers can engage with your business online and hopefully make the connection that will lead to a sale either now or in the future. Your Online Reputation refers to the Reviews and Ratings you have online for your business but also includes the mentions, comments and even photos and videos from your business .. they all contribute to your reputation online. Here are a few ways improving your Presence and Reputation online can help you get more sales. Being listed in more places gets you found more. Its common sense! If you business is not listed where your customers might look for you then you have little chance of them choosing…
Paul Gordon
August 24, 2019
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Top Free Australian Business Directories

Are you taking advantage of all the free Australian business directories that you can to give your business a boost online?  Especially when they are free to list on and promote your business. There are many reasons to list your business on some of the better Australian business directories including: Better Online Exposure Improved Local SEO by building Local Citations More Backlinks to your website Being listed on their API's There are hundreds of business directory services and you don't need to list on all of them (and you shouldn't), concentrate on listing on these top business directory sites and also consider listing on the top niche services for your industry. One way to find online services is to do a search for 3 or more of your direct competitors and make a note of the sites where they are listed.  You should list your business on any of the services where your competitors are listed but you are not, if you don't you are letting searchers on those sites go directly to your competitors. While there are many posts…
Paul Gordon
August 20, 2019
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8 vital things to check on your business profiles

If you are like most businesses you have many different profiles on many different online services and apps.  Some of these profiles you probably created yourself , some were created by previous owners or managers, some by the website from other sources and some may have been crowd-sourced and created by your customers. Each of your profiles say something about your business, it is important that you are sure that this information is accurate and best represents your business.  It can be hard enough to get a consumer to see your profiles let alone them having a bad experience with inaccurate or incomplete information when they find you. Your business profiles are also used by search engines to help determine if you are the business you say you are and build authority through citations. If your information (especially your business name, address or phone number) is inaccurate or inconsistent across your profiles then your business's ability to rank in local search will suffer. Every so often you should check your profiles and make sure you are happy with the information…
Paul Gordon
July 2, 2019
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How to find all your business’s presences online

Your business probably has many places online where it is listed, some created by you but many created by someone else with information that may be out of date or just plain wrong. You probably know your Facebook page and your Yelp profile but are you keeping track of all the other places your business is listed online and more importantly what they are saying about your business? At myPresences we have created a platform that allows you to keep track of everywhere your business is listed online in one place so that you can easily manage what you are telling the world about your business. When you first add your business to myPresences we run a process called discovery.  This is based on the initial information you told us about your business and it is this process that initially populates myPresences with some presences for your business. We use the following information to find your presences across the internet: Business Name Business Address Phone Number Geo Location (Map Position) Business Type Social Profiles Our ability to find all the…
Paul Gordon
July 7, 2018
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6 tips to help you manage your online presence

A strong online presence is essential for business's today as more business is conducted online.  Consumers look online first  when looking for a business and research 3 to 4 options before choosing one.   You need to maximise your chances of being chosen by customers looking for businesses like yours, and that means you should be creating a strong online presence across all the places online where your customers might look for you (or they will choose your competitor that IS listed). Managing your business's online presence can be a big job, and it is complicated when you are inheriting a mess of existing accounts with forgotten passwords and incorrect information.  One of the biggest reasons businesses don't manage their online presence well is that they have no process and their online presence has been created by different staff members in the past who may have left and regaining control of their lost profiles becomes too hard. Don't let this happen to your business! Here are a few tips to make it easier, and once you have everything setup managing your…
Paul Gordon
April 26, 2018
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The evolution of how businesses are found online

One of the factors in why I first became interested in the Online Presence space was when I first saw SIRI (the voice that you talk to on your iPhone).  I am not talking about the watered down Apple version but what SIRI was before it was acquired by Apple and then subsequently hobbled (though its much better now). In pre apple SIRI you could ask it to find nearby italian restaurants that are open now and then directly make a reservation.   This really brought home to me how important a business's online information would be moving forward and how we are moving away from people looking for businesses and choosing one at their own discretion to a world where businesses will be recommended by an algorithm and the user will be given limited choice over which businesses they are presented. This is as much a factor of form changes as anything else as we move from large desktop computers with big screens, to laptops, tablets, phones and watches and further.  User Interface is becoming No Interface where you…
Paul Gordon
January 5, 2016
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You’re on the map but will you be found

Maps are everywhere online now, especially on mobile apps where location is often far more relevant.  You probably have a map on your website (if you don't you probably should add one) showing visitors exactly where your business is located and giving them easy access to directions so that they know exactly how to get from where they are to you.  A map can also be invaluable to get a quick impression of roughly where a business is located and local consumers can quickly see based on landmarks in the map where you are and give them enough to get to you without needing directions. If you are a local business you need to have this! You want to make it as easy as possible for consumers to find you and get to you. In addition to your website your business is also on tens or even hundreds of other maps on online services, blogs, apps and more.  Have you taken the time to check these for accuracy?  A wrong map location can be a big problem for your business,…
Paul Gordon
October 31, 2015